Grow your Dental Practice with higher paying patients.

Get more dental implant, emergency care, and cosmetic dentistry patients in your area.

Let us help you unlock 6-7 figures in additional revenue each year.

Here's how we do it...

Step # 1

We'll create a new website or landing page that focuses on high value services. 😍 

From Dental Implants to Emergency Visits and all things Cosmetic Dentistry, we'll help you get qualified leads in your area in the door.

Step #2

We'll help you set up a system that simplifies your process of getting new patients.

Simple is better, we'll help you set up a system that notifies your team of new leads so you can easily follow up to get them in for a consult.

Step #3

We'll geo-target FB & Google ads to qualified patients in your area.

Every day, someone in your area enters a new season of life and becomes a potential new patient. The question is, will you be the first to reach them?

"I would hands down say they are the best in the business, highly recommend them to any general dentist looking to increase new patients and looking to grow their practice..."

Your dental practice's success starts with Focus Funnels®.

Get all the dental implant patients you can handle, and more.

Let us help you unlock higher-value patients in your area!

Have you noticed most dental practices market their cosmetic dentistry services the same way?

You need a partner who helps YOU stand out. We do that buy establishing you as the credible practice in the area while helping you close more with a simplified follow-up system.

Stand out with a website focused on high-value services.

Most pay-per-click agencies are doing the exact same thing, sending people to website that aren't set up to convert. We'll set you up to convert higher-paying patients.

Set yourself appart with the perfect first impression.

With our follow up system, you'll stand out from other practices in the area by establishing a relationship that makes you different... and you'll be the one they choose.

Ready to unlock additional revenue?

We'll help you bring higher paying patients in the door for services that command more. Just schedule a call with us below!


Do you work with other practices in my area?

We work out agreements with all of our Dental Practices to not work with any other offices in their territory. Our aim is to help YOU grow, so if you're the first to work with us in your area, you'll be the only practice we work with in your active radius.

How long does it take to get higher paying patients?

We typically see an influx in new higher paying patients within the first 30 to 60 days!

Where do you market for me?

We focus all of our marketing efforts on Google & Facebook.

How long does it take to get a new website if I need/want one?

We can usually create a new website within 2 - 3 weeks!

I've tried marketing before, what makes you different?

Our approach is unique in that we don't just set up your ads and hope for the best. We focus on the entire marketing funnel so you attract the right customers who pay for your highest value services. We work WITH you to set you up for success.